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Surviving Intermodal Mentorship Academy

Are you looking for one on one training to give you the edge you need to conquer the railroad and port? Surviving Intermodal Mentorship Academy will provide a structured guided training for dispatchers, owner operators, and fleet owners. The mentorship program will be specialized based on the port or railroad of your choice. There will be two 30 minute weekly scheduled private one-on-one meetings with a team of intermodal experts! Logistics Manager, Dispatch, Accounting, and All things intermodal Ashley. A discussion class board will be available with daily response. A graduation will be held at the end of your mentorship, which includes a certificate of completion that will be received at the end of the 4-week mentorship academy. The 2nd Graduation of the Surviving Intermodal Membership Academy will be held on:February 3, 2023.

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Surviving Intermodal Online Course

You will learn how to register for different shipping lines, navigate the ports, and quote a drayage project, as well as common intermodal freight terms and the ins and outs of doing business as a drayage carrier.

Surviving Intermodal Online Course includes ALL THINGS INTERMODAL.

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Ashley Williams-Booker

Ashley Williams- Booker Ashley has been in the intermodal industry for multiple years and is currently leading a multi-million-dollar drayage project for the State of Texas. She owns one of the top 25 small business drayage companies in Houston, TX and has transported over 2,500 containers in a year.

Ashley continues to break barriers and create opportunities for future female minority owned companies to excel in the United States Port Authority business. She is the only Female Black Owned Fleet owner with more than 10 semi’s that are 100% dedicated to intermodal transport in Texas. Ashley’s goal is to show others that becoming a power-only carrier in the drayage industry can not only be very lucrative but can create generational wealth and provide consistent business that can excel a small business to mega corporation. Ashley is not only a fleet owner, but she is also the owner of a brokerage firm, dispatching company, and owns a container yard. Ashley is using her knowledge and platform to teach individuals how to be successful, achieve their financial business goals, and Survive Intermodal.